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How do I handle the client configuration for Internet Connection Sharing

On Internet Connection Sharing: I have a desktop (host) and a laptop. They are connected peer-to-peer and work fine. The laptop can see that the host is connected to the Internet (ADSL), but I cannot start Internet from the laptop. The client side of ICS is generally not explained too well. I created the floppy on the host, ran it on the client...nill. I tried some other things as well. Nothing works.

Could you tell me as much as possible in a very simple language, please? What do you do in the client to share the Internet Connection with the host?
With ICS, all you should need to configure on the client is DHCP. DHCP is configured from the Network Connections properties in the Control Panel. When the client computer starts up, it will get all configuration information from the ICS server automatically.

I suspect the reason you find so little information about the client configuration is the simplicity of it -- it does not require any additional software, and DHCP is configured by default. Here's a page I stumbled across that describes exactly how to configure the client. Good luck.

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