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How do I hide a Web app on IIS and MS Proxy Server from outsiders?

I need to set up a Web application on a server running Windows 2000, IIS5 (IIS not running at the moment) and MS Proxy Server 2.0. The server is multi-homed behind a firewall. I do not want anyone on the outside to be able to see this Web app. Is this possible and how do I do it?
Sure, there are several ways it can be done. First, you should use IIS's IP address restriction feature to allow access only to the IP addresses on your intranet.

To edit this:

  1. Launch the Internet Services Manager from the Administrative Tools folder.
  2. View the properties for your application's virtual directory, and select the Directory Security tab.
  3. Then, click the Edit button underneath IP Address And Domain Name restrictions, and configure it so that only the IP addresses on your LAN have access.

Also, you mention that the system is multi-homed behind a firewall. If you need to block all access to the entire server, you can configure the firewall not to allow outside requests destined for port 80 or 443. Configuring both of these mechanisms will offer you belt-and-suspenders protection.

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