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How do I install OWA's logon.asp file?

I've installed Exchange 2000 on a Windows 2000 Advanced Server running IIS 5.0. How do I get OWA's logon.asp file installed? I can't seem to find any of the same ASP files that Exchange 5.5 had. Please help.
Exchange 2000 includes a completely redesigned version of OWA. In addition to a new server architecture and enhanced client/server performance, OWA 2000 provides a host of new features, as well.

Exchange 5.5 used Active Server Pages (ASP) to communicate with Exchange server computers using Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) 1.2 and MAPI. This required administrators to carefully monitor performance counter objects for bottlenecks. Exchange 2000 doesn't use MAPI to communicate with the Exchange server computer containing the user's mailbox, and ASP pages are no longer used for client access. Clients still access the Web component using HTTP, but the IIS hosting the component uses the Web store to provide access to the user's mailbox. This means you need to monitor only the standard operating system bottlenecks -- CPU, memory, network and disk. This also means that OWA 2000 scales well.

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