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How do I kill a process on a Win2k server that can't be accessed from Task Manager?

I need to forcibly kill a process on a Windows 2000 server. The process cannot be stopped from Task Manager. I get an error message to the effect that access is denied. This only happens when the process is busy and someone forces the main application to shut down. In previous versions Kill.exe -f worked. Is there an equivalent command in Windows 2000? If so, what is it and where is it?
In order to kill processes that you don't have access to you need to obtain higher access privileges to perform the operation. First, try using the Run As command to launch Task Manager with an administrative-level user account. If that fails (or if that is what you are already doing), you can try launching Task Manager with system-level privileges:
  1. Make sure the scheduling service is started
  2. Execute the following from a Command Prompt or the Run command:
  3. Task Manager will launch with system-level privileges at the time specified.
  4. Use Task Manager to kill the process.

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