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How do I make a new Win2k server the PDC?

I've installed Windows 2000 on a new standalone server. My goal is to take my old Windows NT server offline. How do I make my new Win2k server the primary domain controller (PDC)? (Does Active Directory even need a PDC?) I currently have both servers on the network, which may be big trouble. Thanks for your help.
You never mention whether the Windows NT server is a domain controller (DC). Let's assume that it is and you have a domain. If you don't have too many users or workstations, you could simply recreate them all in the new Windows 2000 Active Directory. The Active Directory is installed and the Win2k machine made a domain controller by running a command called DCPROMO on the Windows 2000 server that you want to be a domain controller. You will want to make sure that DNS is installed somewhere ahead of time. The DCPROMO will launch the install for you, but this doesn't always create the best installation. If the AD and the NT domain have the same name, you are looking for trouble. Once AD is in place, you can never introduce the NT DC into the domain again.

Alternatively, you could upgrade the Windows NT machine and then run DCPROMO on the Windows 2000 machine putting it in the upgraded NT domain. However, if you were hoping to use the old NT server for something else, you will need to perform some extra work to move the FSMO roles over to the new Windows 2000 DC.

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