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How do I make a public folder agreement?

I have built a test site with an NT4 domain named FIS and a separate 2000 domain named Prayer. I created mail and public folders on the NT domain. I have run the ADC on both AD and Exchange 2000. The user names and mail names replicated over as disabled after we ran the recipient connection. The problem is that it was recommended that I also run a public folder agreement.
  1. How do you or where do get info on how to run this agreement?
  2. How or where can I find the answer to how to make the migration tool work?
  3. Am I on the right track? I would like to make this 2000 domain be able to migrate just one mailbox, so I don't have to jump off the bridge. I have looked up every migration tip I can get my hands on but there are no true steps to do a complete migration to a new domain.

I also was told that I needed to make my 2000 domain native. I am very confused at this point.

The recipient domain (the Active Directory) will need to be operating in Native Mode. This is done in the Active Directory Users and Computers. You right-click on the domain name and click properties. There you will see that your domain is running in Mixed-Mode. Click the Native button. This is a one way trip, so make sure you are ready (no NT 4.0 BDCs in the AD domain). Now that this is done review the following Microsoft articles:

  • XADM: Public Folder Connection Agreements (Q264889)
  • XADM: Understanding Connection Agreements in Exchange 2000 Server (Q281223)

    This should get you started and at least keep you from jumping off a bridge before seeking professional help.

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