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How do I move my Exchange 5.5 PDC server to a Win2k remote area "data center"?

I am already running Exchange 5.5 server with a separated primary domain controller (PDC). Now I want to "move" it to my new server running Windows 2000 in the remote area "data center." I would like to retain all the mailboxes and storage. Is this possible? Do I need to install a backup domain controller (BDC) in the remote area as well?
You have a couple options here. You can install the Windows 2000 server as a member server in the domain containing your PDC. Then, you can install Exchange 5.5 on it and move the mailboxes, public folders, etc., to the new server. You can also introduce a Windows NT BDC instead of a Windows 2000 system and use that (although my recommendation would be to go with the Windows 2000 system).

If your intent is to create a brand new Exchange organization and move all of the data into that, then you might want to look into using Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT), which can migrate accounts, passwords, etc., from Windows NT/Exchange 5.5 to AD, and ExMerge, which can export messages from a mail store into a PST. You can then import them from the PST into a new mail store.

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