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How do I overcome the psychological hurdles that are preventing me from taking my exams?

I finished my Windows 2000 classes and haven't taken any of the exams yet! I feel scared and I feel stupid at the...

same time for not taking the exams. I have always been very uneasy about taking exams. I hate to feel like a failure. I guess my problem is that I heard that the exams are really hard and that kinda stops me from taking the exams (fearing failure). Could you tell me which exam would you recommend I do first? And how do I go about finishing my exams and be satisfied with my results? You sound like a person with classic "test anxiety!" My advice to you is to take lots and lots of practice exams until the whole experience becomes completely routine. I normally recommend that people take at least 2 practice exams to get ready for the real thing, but I'm suggesting that you should take 3, 4, or more to help get yourself in shape to survive this experience you dread so much.

Familiarity not only breeds contempt, it also breeds confidence, and that should do the trick for you. In preparing, look at practice tests from Transcender (www.transcender.com), Self-Test Software (www.stsware.com), BeachFront Quizzer (www.bfq.com), MeasureUp (www.measureup.com"), and www.ITpracticetest.com.

If you prepare yourself for the exam ordeal, you'll not only come out with a passing score, you'll probably learn a lot of useful information. The Win2K exams are much more real-world than their NT predecessors.

Good luck. You can do it!

This was last published in September 2001

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