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How do I point my client PCs to the MSDN Help Library for .NET 2003?

I am trying to set up a networked version of the MSDN Help Library for Visual Studio .NET 2003. How do I 'point' my client PCs, which have Visual Studio .NET 2003 installed on them, to the MSDN Help Library, which will be on a different location on the network?
Starting with the April 2004 release of the MSDN Library, they now include a cool program called NETCOPY.EXE, located in the root directory. It's job is to walk you through creating a network setup of the MSDN Library. Once you've installed through NETCOPY.EXE, you'll do the setup for the client machines off the network setup and be able to share the whole thing. Of course, you should have software licenses for all those connecting machines as specified in the EULA.

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