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How do I properly configure Windows 2000 server with my cable modem?

I have some problems configuring Win2000 server with my cable modem.

My ISP uses a cable modem to connect to the internet and assigns me a DNS of: 1 (,) and 2 ( When I install Win2000 Server without the Active Directory, everything works fine. I can connect to the internet without any trouble. If I install the AD I can still connect to the internet but cannot browse. When I open my browser, it tells me the page I'm trying to open cannot be found, and it continues to do this for every page that I try to open.

I think there is a conflict between the DNS of my provider and Active Directory. What can I do to solve this problem and get the two to work together?

Sounds as though your Windows 2000 server is set up as a root DNS server.

In DNS manager, you will need to manually delete the root domain (denoted by a "."), and then restart the DNS server service. Once you've done that, you will need to add your ISP's DNS server entries in the "FORWARDER" settings on the Windows 2000 DNS server (found on the properties page of the DNS server itself through DNS manager.)

This way, anything that your domain can't resolve locally (within your local domain - say for example every single web page you ever try to browse to in your entire life,) will be forwarded to your ISP's DNS server for name resolution.

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