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How do I properly install Intellimirror?

What, in your opinion, would be the best way to install "Intellimirror" on 230 Windows XP PCs?
Your best starting point in this case would be Microsoft themselves (Going straight to the horse's mouth, not re-inventing the wheel, and all other associated business truisms at work here, as you can see.) A quick search of Microsoft's Web site returns the following link.

The downloadable .MSI file at this URL includes:


  • A white paper that describes six scenarios for using IntelliMirror. These scenarios are intended to be starting points from which you can develop settings tailored to your environment. This white paper describes how these scenarios are created, and provides specific instructions for installing them on your domain controller using the accompanying tools. It also includes descriptions of unique situations and known issues related to the scenarios.
  • Excel spreadsheets that document the Group Policy settings for each of the six scenarios.
  • Supporting files to create Group Policy Objects (GPOs) for each of the six scenarios.
  • Batch files that enable you to load and save these GPOs onto your domain controller.

This should provide you with MORE than enough information to get you started within your specific environment!

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