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How do I recover data lost during a defrag?

How do I recover data lost during a defrag?
Loss of data due to defragmentation (which should never happen,) is the same as deleting a file. If there is no hardware failure involved, software recovery might help. There are several possibilities to help you get your data back. None of these will guarantee, however, that you will actually be able to restore anything.

1.) The most straightforward approach is to restore a backup.

2.) Try data recovery software. There are several applications out there which can do the job for you almost automatically. Please be aware that these apps might be expensive, but worth the money if you've no ther options!

3.)If the data is critical and you cannot live without it, you can send your hard disk to a data recovery company. They will do an in-depth analysis and try to restore your data -- even if it is already overwritten. This is the most expensive option, so consider it carefully!

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