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How do I set up my desktop to be a server and my other PCs as clients?

HI have installed a WLAN in my home using a Linksys Wireless-G 2.4GHz Broadband Router connected to my Desktop, which is directly connected to my cable modem. I have two other computers gaining access to the Internet through this router, one is a Laptop with a Linksys PCI card, and the other is a second desktop using a Linksys USB access device. Everything in terms of access is great, but I want to now make all the computers talk to each other in the true since of a LAN. How do I set up my Primary Desktop to be a server and the others as clients so I can share files?

You'll need to configure all three PCs to belong to the same workgroup, and create a local user account and password on all three. If you'll be dealing with multiple users, you'll need to set up multiple username/passwords, obviously. Your life will get much simpler if you configure your username/password identically on all 3 machines, since your local workstation will send your currently-logged-in credentials when attempting to access files on another system.

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