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How do I solve printing issues for Windows XP-based computers in a Windows 2003 network?

Expert Laura E. Hunter clears up the confusion when trying to print for XP-based computers in a Windows 2003 network.

I have a Windows Server 2003/Active Directory/domain-based network with XP-pro workstations -- patched current. Some of the workstations are connecting via Wi-Fi and I find that the connection is more reliable if those workstations use peer-based configurations. There is no problem with server resources, but I am having issues with printing from the peer-based computers to printers that are shared on XP domain members. Shares on Win2k domain members work fine, but XP will not pass the print job. Printing from other XP domain members also works fine. Is there a local GP security setting that I am missing?

In most cases, the inability to print or access resources in situations like this one will boil down to an issue with name resolution, either DNS or WINS/NetBIOS. Be sure that your XP clients' wireless connections are configured with the correct DNS and WINS name servers, as well as with the appropriate NetBIOS over TCP/IP settings. Compare your wireless settings to your wired LAN settings and look for any discrepancies that may indicate where the functional difference may lie.

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