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How do I split one mailbox store into groups?

I just migrated to Exchange 2000 Enterprise Server. I have one big mailbox store (13GB). I want to split the mailboxes up into groups. What is the best way to safely to this? Is there a step-by-step article that describes this? Thanks.
The Exchange 2000 help file has a lot of documentation on how to do this. Basically you simply use Exchange System Manager to create the additional mail stores. Then, use the Active Directory users and computers snap-in to move mailboxes from the current store to the new store(s).

After the move, you might also want to discount the original store and use ESEUTIL /d to defragment/compact it. This will shrink the file down (which is something that online defragmentation cannot do).

And of course, before and after this procedure, take full backups.

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