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How do I turn off the Outlook function that auto-removes e-mail attachments like .bat, .lnk, etc.?

I'm using Win2k Pro and Outlook 2000 with Exchange 2000. Whenever I get an attachment with .bat, .lnk, etc., Outlook removes the attachment. This is for security, but I need to remove this function as we get these types of attachments all the time and need them to be left attached. Can you tell me were these are placed, if not deleted, so we can look at them or how to turn this function off? Thanks for your answer to the last question I posted by the way. It was very useful.
You can modify Outlook's behavior in this regard by using some tools from the Office Resource Kit. You'll find the solution to this issue documented in Microsoft Knowledge Base Article Q263297. This article discusses the tools you'll be using, the special Exchange folder you will be creating and the Exchange form within that folder that you'll be using. I've done all of this myself, and it works great on both Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2002 (although the procedures are slightly different).

Once you have this up and running, you'll see that the form you'll use to configure Outlook's behavior is fairly granular, and gives you a fair amount of control over what files are hidden and what ones are not.

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