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How do I upgrade my single domain, single site Exchange 5.5 to a Win2k cluster?

Hi Scott. I have a single domain single site Exchange 5.5 setup. Now I want to upgrade my Exchange Server to Microsoft Windows 2000 cluster. Which path do you suggest I take to upgrade my current Exchange Server?

What I have planned is to install Exchange 5.5 on cluster with same organization name and site name, and restore the database on shared storage. Once exchange 5.5 cluster is up and running properly, then I'll upgrade the cluster with Exchange 2000 cluster.

Could you tell me whether this path is good to follow or if there are some other options available? Thanks.

I would use a variation of that procedure. Install Exchange 5.5 in the cluster and join the same Org/Site, but instead of restoring the database, just use the Move Mailbox function in Exchange Administrator. You can move them one at a time, or in bunches. Regardless of whether you move them individually or in bulk, users will only experience downtime when their individual mailbox is being moved. And even when you move them in bulk they are transferred serially and not in parallel; therefore, at any given time, only one user is experiencing downtime. Be sure to have a good backup of your non-clustered Exchange databases before proceeding. Also, it's not a bad idea to see if you can get users to clean out unwanted/unneeded items from their mailboxes, and purge their deleted items folders. This will help cut down on the time it takes to move mailboxes from one server to another. As you might expect, the larger the mailbox, the longer it takes to move it to another server.

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