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How do we make old user directories their default folders in a new Active Directory?

Expert Laura E. Hunter offers some pointers for migrating user profiles in a new Active Directory.

We have installed new servers and decided to re-enter all our student users by hand rather than port them to the new servers (for several reasons that may not make sense). We have the existing student home directories and would like to have the old directories properly referenced in the new user profiles, so that when a student starts Microsoft Word or another application, their directory is the default folder. What is the best way to do this without having to create new user directories?

If you create a brand new Active Directory, your users will receive brand new profiles on their workstations that will need to be migrated accordingly. Take a look at the Active Directory Migration Tool, which may assist you in automating this process somewhat. Barring that, you'll need to use the "Copy To" function to migrate user profiles on their local workstations.

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