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How do we move Exchange from the C drive to the D drive?

We have got a new Dell Server PowerEdge 2800. Dell has configured the C drive with 12 GB and the D drive with 250 GB. When we set up Exchange, instead of setting Exchange on D drive, we set it up on the C drive -- and now we have only 3 GB left. How can we move our Exchange from the C drive to the D drive? Also, how long it will take to move and what risks would beinvolved?

The simplest approach is to not struggle with reinstalling Exchange, rather just move the Exchange Information Store(s) from the C drive to the D drive during your next scheduled downtime. I recommend you perform a full backup prior to the move, just in case there is a copy error, and again after the move, because any prior backups cannot be restored once moved.

To move a store, use Exchange System Manager to navigate to the desired IS. Right click Properties and select the Database tab. From there, for the .EDB portion of the file, create a new folder on D. Repeat for the .STM portion of the file. When you click apply, the store will be dismounted, the data moved and the store restarted on completion.

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