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How does scoring work on a Microsoft Windows server exam?

I have failed a Microsoft Windows server exam and I would like to know how many questions I got wrong, or how many parts of each question I got wrong. Is there any way to make a guess from the score itself? How does the scoring work? Is 700 equivalent to 70%?
It would have been helpful for you to tell me which exam you took, because the number of questions on some exams do vary. That said, most of the Windows Server 2003 exams have between 44 and 55 questions on them. Although Microsoft will not disclose scoring details, they do indicate the average minimum passing score for most of them is 700 points (but the lowest one can score on such a test is 100 points). Assuming equal weighting and deducting 100 from the 1,000 max total, that makes each question worth from about 16 to about 20.5 points. To pass means getting anywhere from 34 to 44 questions correct. Although 700 doesn't exactly equate to 70% (it's more like 80%, if the 100 minimum score information is correct), this should give you a better idea of what you're up against.

Hope this helps, and thanks for posting.


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