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How many CCIEs, CCDAs and CISSPs are there in the world today?

How many CCIEs, CCDAs, CISSPs (and any other numbers you may have) are there in the world today?
Gee! This is kind of a broad question, since I have access to LOTS of numbers. So I'm just going to answer the specific questions you've raised:

CCIE: between 4,500 and 5,000, extrapolating from a 3,000 number published mid-last-year (as of 3/31/2002)

CCDA: I can't find any published numbers, but since the CCNA is highly recommended and it's only a single-exam cert, I'm guessing this population is in excess of 10,000. I've put an inquiry into Cisco to see if I can get some better numbers for you.

CISSP: ~6,000 (as of 12/31/2001, as covered in the isc2's 2001 annual report at www.isc2.org)

For numbers on MS certifications, check the bottom of the Web page at www.mcpmag.com; other numbers are scattered all over heck and creation.


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