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How many exams do I have to complete to get MCP certification?

I'm planning to take the MCP certification. Could you please tell me how many exams I have to complete in order to get MCP certification? Is there a Web site that gives free training for MCP certification and tells you which books to use?
The MCP is a single exam credential that Microsoft grants to anybody who passes any exam that counts toward any other Microsoft certification (over 100 exams in all). If you visit www.microsoft.com/mcp/ and check out the requirements for most other Microsoft certs mentioned there -- namely, MCDST, MCAD, MCSD, MCSA, MCSE, and MCDBA -- you can qualify for the exam. Microsoft itself now offers online training for many of its exams (but it's not free), and there are many sites that offer guidance on books, courses and other prep materials, including Certification Magazine (www.certmag.com), CertCities.com (www.certcities.com), www.hardcoremcse.com and lots, lots more.

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