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How should I deal with the junk mail sent to former employees' deleted mailboxes?

I had employees leave the MyCompany.com domain. I removed their mailboxes. Now, the system administrator gets tons of unwanted junk mail that is being sent to a mailbox that has been removed. Is there a place where I can add the e-mail addresses that are no longer part of my domain, like a mailbox address I have deleted now?
Unfortunately, no. You're going to need to manage this manually. Everyone takes a different approach to this. Some folks create a trash can mailbox and assign all defunct SMTP addresses to that mailbox. Then, they periodically clean out the mailbox of junk, or use programmatic methods to purge them.

If some of the junk mail is from opt-in subscriptions, you can also manually unsubscribe their old address from the list, or contact the list owner to have the addresses removed from the list.

Finally, you could take a hard line approach and use an SMTP event sink that reads the headers of incoming messages and deletes them if they are addressed to a defunct address.

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