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How to designate NDR recipients using Exchange System Manager

Get step-by-step instructions on how to designate recipients of Exchange Server non-delivery reports (NDRs) using Exchange System Manager.

How do I configure the Exchange 2000 Administrator account to receive messages for accounts that have been deleted? When there is a delivery attempt to an inactive account, I receive a message to the system administrator account. I need to get the actual message so I can forward it to the appropriate person if it is business related.
To designate who is to get Exchange Server non-delivery reports (NDRs), use Exchange System Manager (ESM) to set the desired non-delivery report recipient:

  1. In ESM, navigate to Servers -> Protocols -> SMTP.
  2. Right click Default SMTP Queue, select Properties.
  3. Go to the Messages tab.
  4. In the field titled Send Copy of Non-Delivery Report to:, enter a valid SMTP email address. For example: postmaster@your_domain.tld

Microsoft recommends that you also create a postmaster email address for NDRs that come from other servers. This can be a secondary SMTP address for a user or a mail-enabled user account. Use Active Directory Users and Computers to add the email address or mail-enabled account.

To process infrequent NDR messages, this user will not initially receive the actual message that caused the NDR until the postmaster or administrator opens the NDR itself and clicks 'Send Again.' This in turn retrieves the original message that generated the NDR, and can be forwarded if desired.

For more information, see Microsoft KB article 294757 "How to control non-delivery reports when you use Exchange 2000 or Exchange 2003."

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