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How to find a good training provider

When I identify a topic like Active Directory or AAA (Administration, Authorization and Authentication) as an area where IT staff needs training, what's the best way to find a good training provider?
There are three traditional sources for good training. Many medium- and larger-sized organizations maintain relationships with national training companies (such as New Horizons, Global Knowledge and so forth). These "do-it-all" outfits will usually have ideas on how to address your needs, and can be called on to develop or customize training if your needs are sufficient to justify the expense involved.

Also, for any given topic or technology, there are usually specialists or experts who offer a mix of training, consulting and audit/assessment in such areas. These companies are easy to find online using a search engine.

Finally, it's never a mistake to check in with your local higher education outlets (such as local community colleges, universities or graduate institutions) or large online education purveyors (such as Phoenix University Online, DeVry Institute and so forth) to see what kinds of offerings they have and how much it might cost to get some custom courses developed. Where there's a will, there's always a way, but where there's a budget, you can usually get multiple providers to bid on your business!


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