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How to move Exchange 2000 to a larger machine

SearchExchange.com expert Peter terSteeg explains two options for moving Exchange 2000 to new hardware.

My Exchange 2000 server is running out of disk space and I want to move to a new and larger machine. How can I safely do this?
You have two choices when upgrading disk space and hardware with Exchange 2000:
  1. You can build a brand new server, join the existing organization, and move everyone from the legacy server to the newly built server.

  2. You can build a new server with the same name, but tweak it offline. You bring the original server offline during a maintenance window, bring the new server online, and run setup /disasterrecovery. You would then copy the old databases and mount them.

These are two distinct ways to handle your request. My preference would be the first choice, but the second choice is also an option.

In the event you are rebuilding or removing the first Exchange server, reference Knowledge Base article How to remove the first Exchange 2000 server from the site.

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