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How to set up a recurring event or task in Outlook

I am an Exchange 2000 administrator and I would like to update all user calendars with a recurring event. The event will give a message to fill out time sheets and this will happen every other Friday. Do you know if this can be done?

Yes, this can be done by either sending a task or an appointment to all users in your environment. The steps are essentially the same, so I'll explain how to do this using Tasks.

1. Create a new Task in Outlook by clicking File -> New -> Task.
2. Set the subject line to "Fill out time sheets" and click Recurrence.
3. Set the task to recur every "2" weeks on Friday and set the start date accordingly.
4. Leave the recurrence pattern set to Weekly and either set Nno End Date, or expire the task after a year or so.
5. Click OK to return to the task from the recurrence dialog.
6. Now click "Assign Task" and set your address book to "All Users."
7. Click the Bcc field to add all users to the Bcc field of your assigned task (it's a bad practice to use the To or Cc fields).
8. Remove yourself (you can't assign a task to yourself)and make sure everything is as you like and click Send.

You'll want to experiment with using a Task versus using an Appointment to determine which approach fits your needs better.

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