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How to troubleshoot a missing email account after a restore

If an email account is missing after a computer restore, lost or damaged profile data may be the cause. Expert Richard Luckett explains how to restore a lost email account.

I had to restore my computer and reinstall Norton Antivirus and firewall. I was able to set up three of our four email accounts, but now I can't get the "real" email for my account. Roadrunner was unable to help. I'm at a loss -- why do three accounts work and the other does not?
If you are using Microsoft Outlook, I suggest you try to create a new email profile with just the "real" email account and no others. When you restored your computer, it's possible that some of the profile information pertaining to your email account was damaged or lost. If this is the case, creating a new profile should fix the problem. If that works, you can then add the other accounts to the new profile.

If you are using Microsoft Outlook Express, the article OLEXP: How to troubleshoot Outlook Express in Windows 2000 may help you.

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