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How to use the OWA basic interface without the standard startup page

Learn how you can run the basic version of Outlook Web Access without having to the standard startup page.

How can I use the basic version of Outlook Web Access 2003 in Internet Explorer 6.0 without the standard startup page?

We are only able to use Outlook Web Access 2003 if we are using Internet Explorer 6.0 without ActiveX support. However, we are unable to use the basic version of OWA instead of the premium version. Our company has modified the startup page, so we don't have the option of choosing the basic version. Is there a way to tweak the URL?

Rather than tweak the URL, you can install and configure Microsoft's Outlook Web Access Web Administration Tool. Once installed, you can access the tool's interface at http://<ServerName>/owaadmin.

Find and click the "Server-wide feature support" link, and then disable the "premium client" option. This will force the basic interface on all OWA users.

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