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How valuable is the PMI PMP certification and does it help to be PRINCE2 certified?

Expert Ed Tittel explains to a reader the vaule PMI PMP certifications have in today's IT market.

My question is related to project management certifications.

How valuable is the PMI PMP certification? Also, does it help to be PRINCE2 certified?

According to recent salary surveys, PMP holders are likely to earn fairly high salaries (averaging over $80 per annum in the United States, higher in major metropolitan areas). I assume that outside the U.S. the same general condition prevails, but that compensation must be adjusted for local circumstances. That said, the PMP is and continues to be an attractive, valuable, and well-recognized credential.

The PRINCE2 credential is a somewhat different story: it's far more likely to be recognized and valued in countries that are (or were) members of the British Commonwealth, because it is based and focused primarily in those parts of the world. That said, within those sizable regions and countries, it is reasonably well recognized and regarded, though perhaps not quite as much as the PMP.

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