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How will XP SP2 changes affect studying for the MCP 70-270 exam?

I recently read your article regarding the SP2 and the MCP exam

You've more or less struck upon "the question of the hour." We know that MS is planning to rev 70-270 (and probably at least 70-298 and 70-299, if not other core Windows Server 2003 exams as well) but nobody's talking about WHEN this will or might happen, and WHAT this will or might entail. Alas, I'm as much in the dark as anybody, which I find pretty darn frustrating because neither my normal good contacts inside Microsoft, nor my other usual sources of exam intelligence have anything at all to say on this subject.

All I can do is to stress one's need to be completely familiar with all the security elements in SP2, including IE changes, pop-up blocker, add-in manager, Windows Firewall, GPO additions and changes, and so forth. But I promise that as soon as I learn anything else--and I'm actively seeking this information--you will get another tip or article from me on this subject.

In the meantime, stay tuned for more details!

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