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How worthy is the MCDBA certification?

I would like to know your opinion regarding the MCDBA (SQL Server 2000)certification. I have been in the IT industry working with voice/data networking infrastructures for the past nine years. Now I would like to utilize my mind more via database design/implementation and software development rather than continuing to work with hardware.

Please let me know if you think the MCDBA is a worthy certification to go after and what the employment prospects are for future.
As MS credentials go, MCDBA is neither the biggest nor the best known, but it does offer entree into a reasonable number of job opportunities and this area has been rather less subject to some of the ups and downs associated with system and network admin credentials (like the MCSA or MCSE) in the past three years. If you want to travel the Microsoft path, and learn and use Microsoft tools, platforms, APIs, and languages, MCDBA is a pretty darn good credential to put on your target list. According to visit to sites like dice.com, monster.com, jobs.com, and so forth, there are numerous opportunities for MCDBAs available (anywhere from 25 to 85 listings showed up, but of course I couldn't tune in on specific geographic areas or other details because you didn't offer them to me). It's worth looking into further. Good luck with your pursuits!

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