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How would I go about joining a new domain without losing the old profiles?

I saw your post on switching all the users to roaming profiles temporarily. We have Win2k (SP2) boxes and I am afraid that when I join the new domain I will lose all the local profiles. Will I lose the local profiles? How would I go about joining the new domain without losing the old profiles? Thank you.
A Windows 2000 workstation stores the profiles of the last 10 users that have logged on to the machine. Even after you join the new domain the old profiles will be there. After you join the new domain, you will want to log on and log off of the new domain. You can then check the profiles, you will see a new one. You can then copy your previous profile over to the new profile -- be sure to check the permissions on any folders that you move to make sure that the new user account from the new domain will have access. There is also a resource kit tool called MOVEUSER.exe that will make sure the security is set right.

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