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How would changing a print server to a domain controller affect local users?

We have a Win2K server that is currently functioning as a print server; we would like to promote this to an additional domain controller. How would this change affect the local users (on the print server) that print through the server without domain authentication?
If this machine is already in the domain, there should be no change. However, if the machine is not already in the domain and must be added to the domain prior to being promoted, you will likely see a change in access. However, you should be able to adjust the permissions on the printers and print shares to allow unauthenticated users to access the devices. However, there are security concerns allowing unauthenticated users to access anything on the domain controller. The domain controller is the heart of your AD installation and should be protected as much as possible. I would advise using another server as a print server if you can.

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