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I am on the MCSE 2000 track -- do I need a CCNA certification too?

I am on the MCSE 2000 track and I want to become a network engineer. Do I need the CCNA certification too? I have five years of experience in Windows desktop and networking with Win 2000 servers).
I really can't answer your question unless you tell me more about what the term "network engineer" means to you. If you want to design, maintain, and troubleshoot networks, an MCSE plus CCNA will be somewhat helpful, but adding a CCDA and one or more of the professional level Cisco certs (CCNP, CCDP, CCSP, or CCIP--more or less in that order, unless you want to work at an ISP, in which case put CCIP after CCNP or CCDP, depending on your design interests). If you want to design and build networking hardware (which I suspect you don't, but that's indeed a valid interpretation of the job "network engineer," you'd probably be better served by getting into a graduate level engineering program and using that to pursue those interests).

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