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I cannot connect to a shared folder on the server to view files.

I have set up a RAS server (Win2k) on a machine at work. The machine at work is connected to an Ethernet network with a number of workstations connected and a dial-up modem to enable dialing-in. The network is workgroup based, not domain based. I dial in from home (also Win2k) with no problems. My home computer is set to the same workgroup name as the machines at work. When I connect, I seem to be only able to access Web pages off the server, ie. //server/susadmin (Windows System Update Services is installed and running on the server at work).

I cannot connect to a shared folder on the server to view files, etc. Am I missing something on the server side?
The RAS server must be configured to act as a router between the network and your remote client. Otherwise, the RAS server only allows the remote client to see resources on the RAS server itself.

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