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I have two PCs. I want one to rely on other for Internet access, but nothing else. Do I need to use

Here's the problem. I have two computers both running Win2k -- my PC and my partner's PC. I have set up Internet sharing, but instead of using DHCP I specified the IP address myself and Internet sharing just won't work. I do not want my computer to rely on my partner's for anything but the Internet. Will I have to set up DHCP or is there another way to get it to work?

If you're using Win2k Professional on both systems, you'll have to set up DHCP. Your computer will be assigned an IP address in the 192.168.0.x range, and will forward all packets destined for any other network through your partner's computer. However, you will not go through his computer to access other devices on your LAN that have an IP address in the same range.

Windows 2000 Server includes much more flexible routing capabilities. Also, there are many non-Microsoft hardware and software solutions available that provide NAT services.

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