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I learned .NET online; how can I get a stellar job?

I have completed an MCA and am now working in a small company. I have a little knowledge of .NET, and I am thinking I'd like to get a job in a very big company. I have completed my course in 2003, and I have searched for jobs in all big companies like HCL, TCS, INFOSYS, HEXAWARE. My aim is to get into a big company and gain more knowledge on many industries, but the problem is that I have learned .NET through e-books and Web sites, so I don't have work experience. I have big dreams, but no certificates.

As I am working, I cannot go to NIIT or any other study centers to get certified. The platform on which I work now is just VB and Oracle. What I have to do to achieve my goal?
I'm guessing you've completed your MCAD (Microsoft Certified Application Developer) or perhaps only your MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional with a single exam). If the former (if you have indeed earned the MCAD), you should be able to talk to a placement firm and find out what kinds of options are option to you; if the latter, you might want to consider finishing off the MCAD before looking for another position. If you can't study in a classroom, look into online classes. I think you'll find the number of options and the costs involved are within your schedule and your means. But if you want to work as a .NET professional and can't show any direct, relevant on-the-job experience, you'll have to show some certification to demonstrate the requisite knowledge and skills.

HTH, and good luck!


This was last published in October 2004

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