IE shuts down when accessing Yahoo e-mail

I'm experiencing some very odd issues with Win 2000 Pro on the Internet. It seems as if I can surf the Web without a problem, until I want to access my e-mail account on sbc.yahoo.com. IE gives me an error that asks if you want to send a report to Microsoft, and it shuts down the browser. What's odd is that I can't seem to replicate that issue with other Web sites, and obviously my mail account is quite important, so it's the worse possible URL for this to be happening. I have SP2 installed. Have you ever experienced something like that? Could it be caused by something having to do with the security exploit?
This is most likely an issue with the way IE is handling the Web scripts, which can be caused by any number of issues. Make sure you have the latest updates for IE as well as the latest version. Past this, it's a bit difficult to troubleshoot without knowing what your error message was.

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