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IE won't download music files in Windows 2000 Professional desktop

I have a Pentium 4 with Windows 2000 Professional installed and Internet Explorer 6. I used to be able to download music and movie clips and save them, but over the past few days I haven't been able to do this. Now when I try to download it shows me downloading on the left hand down side on the Internet bar but then I can't access the file or save it. Any suggestions?
Unfortunately, I don't know enough about your environment or how your downloading the files. The problem could be caused by Internet Explorer being misconfigured. Unfortunately, it's quite difficult to fix, since you can't simply uninstall and re-install it.

It's also quite possible that whoever manages your Internet connection has decided to block some types of downloads. This is commonly done by businesses and universities to reduce bandwidth usage. It may also be done to reduce the organization's liability for users downloading copyrighted material.

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