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IIS or Apache to solve Web page testing problem?

I have a few problems with IIS 5.0 and Win2000. I have just installed IIS 5.0(and the patch) on a Win2k PC. I am looking to use it to test my Web pages before FTPing them up to the Internet server as I did with PWS under Win98. My PC is a stand alone and is not connected to a network.

The trouble is that, when I try to connect to http://localhost - I get a "page cannot be displayed" - "cannot connect to server or DNS error". This applies to both static html and asp pages.

I have searched the Microsoft support pages high and low. My IP addresses are unassigned - Q290766; I have installed the Microsoft Loopback adaptor - Q236869; I have tried the Microsoft workaround - Q290766.

Has anybody please got any idea - or should I install Apache? Could it be a conflict with VPOP3 which runs on an IP setting of But others must be running VPOP3 and IIS5 on the same machine.

I really would be grateful for any thoughts. Or is there a way of contacting Microsoft support that doesn't cost money?

Once you've installed IIS and started, you should be able to connect to it with the URL you provided. By default, there won't be any content there, but you'll see either the IIS help page or an 'Under Construction' message instead of the errors you described.

So, the first thing you should do is verify that it is started correctly. You can do this from Computer Manager or Internet Services Manager, but for the sake of walking through the steps in written text, I'll show you how to do it from a command prompt:

1) Open a command prompt by clicking Start, then Programs, then Accessories, and selecting Command Prompt. 2) Enter the command 'NET START W3SVC'

If IIS wasn't already started, you'll see this message: The World Wide Web Publishing Service is starting.. The World Wide Web Publishing Service was started successfully.

You should then re-try the URL http://localhost/. If it still doesn't work, try http://127.0.01/.

That's all it should take. The only way it could be a conflict with other software is if the other software used TCP Port 80--which it probably doesn't. You don't need the Loopback adapter installed.

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