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IP address changes for an Exchange 2000 recovery server

After building an Exchange 2000 recovery server, you'll need to change the IP address in multiple locations. Find out where the IP address should be changed in this scenario.

I built an Exchange 2000 recovery server with Active Directory 2000 on a Windows 2000 Server. It also has DNS installed. It is on a virtual server and I want to change the IP address of the domain controller (it is the root and only domain controller in the newly created forest). I changed the IP address in the network interface card (NIC). Where else should I change the IP address?
You'll also want to change the IP address associated with the Exchange server within DNS. If you have hard-coded DNS settings on NICs (i.e., instead of using the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) for other Exchange servers in the environment, you'll want to change those as well to point to the new location of the DNS server.

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