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ISDN router on Win2k network dials out constantly

We have set up a Nortel 820 ISDN router on a Win2000 network for the Internet. There are no servers on the network. The PCs are causing the router to dial out all the time. Is there a way to stop this, as the costs are running into thousands of pounds.
There are hundreds of different applications and services that may be running on your PCs that would cause the ISDN router to dial-out. Applications like AOL Instant Messenger, anti-virus software, and even Windows critical updates will all make a PC communicate with the Internet--even if nobody is logged in. The best way to stop your router from dialing out for this type of traffic is to configure filters on the router itself. I haven?t worked with that particular router, but every router that supports on-demand dial-out supports filters. Configure the filters such that dialing out is only allowed for traffic that you know your users intentionally initiate. These typically include HTTP (port 80), FTP (port 21), and HTTPS (port 443).

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