If I want to install OWA 2000 on a different server, do I have to install Exchange 2000 on that serv

If I want to install Outlook Web Access 2000 on a different server, do I have to install Exchange 2000 on that server? If so, what are the configuration requirements? For Exchange 5.5, I had to install only the Outlook portion on a different server. Why does Exchange 2000 make it so difficult?
IMHO, it's not difficult at all. Outlook Web Access is now deeply integrated into Exchange and IIS, and it is automatically installed whenever you install Exchange 2000 into a system. With version 5.5, you had to remember to install OWA, or sometimes even go back and add it to an existing server. With Exchange 2000, it's easy. It's automatically installed and if you don't want it, disable the services, or deny users HTTP access to their mailboxes.

I don't know what you mean by "configuration" requirements. Basically, you just need to meet the requirements for running Exchange 2000. That includes Windows 2000, IIS (including Web, NNTP and SMTP services) and so forth. I recommend the latest service packs for both (which at this time is Exchange 2000 SP3 and Windows 2000 SP2 -- although by the time you read this Windows 2000 SP3 might be out).

One thing you will need is the ENTERPRISE edition of Exchange 2000. Because a server that runs OWA 2000 only (e.g., no mailboxes) is called a "front-end server" and only the Enterprise edition of Exchange 2000 can be used for front-end servers. The standard edition cannot be used to create a front-end server.

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