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If we add Win2k SBE to our currently existing NT4 domain, does it have to be the PDC?

We are adding a new branch and are going to W2K SBE. We have two branches running NT4. It is my understanding that Small Business needs to be "PDC." One NT4 is currently our PDC...will our servers coexist? We plan on upgrading the other two, but not for another year. We planned on creating a new domain and having the others join.
The Win2k SBE will want to create its own domain and cannot be added to an existing domain. You would have to build the Win2k SBE in a domain for the branch all by itself. Further, you will not be able to establish a trust with your NT 4.0 domain. With more than a single office, I believe that you have outgrown the product and will have to purchase BackOffice instead. For more information on the limitations of SBE see Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q295765, "Description of the Product Limitations in Small Business Server 2000."

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