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I'm multi-certified, but still can't find a job here in Germany

I changed my career about two years ago and passed my MCSE 2000 and my CCNA 2.0, but I've had no luck in finding a suitable job in Germany. I am now well on my way to passing my MCDBA with SQL 2000 but am still unemployed. Are such certifications really worth the paper they are written on?
A wise man once told me that the only general answer that suits all good questions, is the phrase "that depends." In the case of your good question, that depends on what kind of job you're looking for, how you're searching and what kinds of results you're turning up. So far, what you say doesn't sound very encouraging. Sprechen Sie vielleicht Deutsch? Wenn so, waerde es viel leichter fuer Sie Arbeit in Deutschland zu finden. If not, you may be struggling in vain anyway, unless you restrict your search to American companies doing business there (and don't forget the substantial presence of the U.S. military in Germany; many of their networks are Windows-based).

You say nothing about your hands-on experience in IT, but do mention a career change. If that means you don't have much work experience, you might try pursuing some to improve your credibility before seeking work outside the U.S.

Good luck in your pursuit of a good job. I lived in Germany for 10 years and recommend it as a great country in which to make a home.


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