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Import users from the PDC

I have one PDC 1500 Proliant. It is the last NT 4 in the domain. I created a new Active Directory domain. Is there a way to import the users from the PDC. Upgrading was not an option. Also, can I move the NT 2000 member server from one NT 4 to NT 2000?

You can use a resource kit tool call ADDUSERS.exe to dump the user information from NT 4.0 and move it to Win2k. However, the SIDs will change presenting some file/folder access issues on your memory servers. You will also experience permissions issues with User Profiles on users' workstations.

You can move a Win2k member server from NT 4.0 Domain to a Win2k domain. Just take it out of the NT 4.0 Domain and put it in a workgroup. Then, join the Win2k domain. If you have complex file permission settings, you will want to have a plan and some time to migrate the user account access permissions (adjusting the ACLs - check out CACLs from the resource kit or FastLane Technologies for scripted solutions).

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