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Importing a public folder contact list into an Exchange 2007 public folder

Find out how to troubleshoot importing an Exchange 2003 .PST file containing a public folder contact list into an Exchange 2007 public folder.

I have exported a public folder contact list into an Exchange Server 2003 .PST file and then imported it into an Exchange Server 2007 public folder. All users can see and add contacts, but original contacts are labeled as "read-only." Do you know how I can rectify this situation?
I haven't encountered this issue, but it seems similar to the information presented in this article on troubleshooting public folders in Microsoft Outlook 2003 in the "My changes weren't saved to a file in a public folder" section. Another option would be to move the contacts to your local computer and then move them back into the public folder. If that doesn't work, you may have no choice but to recreate them manually.

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