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Importing e-mails without third-party software

How do I configure my Exchange Server 2000 to import POP3 e-mails without using any third-party software?
The Exchange Migration Wizard might do what you want if your POP3 server also supports IMAP4 (the Wizard also has an LDAP Importer if that is required). There are various POP3 Exchange Gateways such as Mail Redirect from www.Helexis.com, which will pull from the POP3 server and submit to Exchange (not free, but very close). If you don't have too many users, you could use Outlook's import capability to get those POP3 e-mails over (I once had to do this for 50 users). Finally, if you are into scripting, you might want to check out this approach. If you decide to do this, the M-Drive is intentionally hidden in Exchange 2003 and you should re-hide it after you have migrated.

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