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Increase performance when browsing the network

Is there any way to increase performance when we try to browse the network? We have 100MB NICS, switches, gigabit cards in all of our servers. It's much faster onour 95/98 workstations.

I am going to need to know what exactly seems to be slower. Is My Network Places slow when you drill down to a particular server but performance is acceptable once you're there? If so, you probably have a browser issue. The master browser for the subnet might be a Win9x machine and it's squabbling with a W2K machine to see who will win browse master elections.

Do you run multiple protocol stacks? For instance, do you have a NetWare and a TCP/IP stack loaded? This can also cause browsing anomalies comparing W2K with Win9x?

Are all the machines in the same domain? If not, you'll have multiple browse masters, possibly running multiple protocol stacks, with the W2K boxes trying to figure out which to use.

If you map a drive directly to a UNC name, such as \\server_name\share_name, does the remapped drive immediately appear in Explorer or does it take a long time? If it takes a long time, I would start looking hard at your authentication configuration. Again, do you have multiple workgroups and domains? Are you certain that you are logging onto the domain from the W2K machines and not the local machine's SAM?

Do you get slow file transfer times once you've connected to the server? Start looking hard at your network infrastructure, especially if you're running multiple transport stacks.

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